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Learn how we help real estate agents and loan officers

Get leads with the NEW way using the A2R METHOD from Facebook without being a techie or even spending a dime on ads.


Develop the skillset that you need to get qualified, motivated buyer and seller leads on demand without breaking the bank or feeling like a telemarketer.

  • Developed a cookie-cutter, paint by number approach, to helping real estate agents and loan officers close more transactions.
  • Sold over 1 million dollars in real estate online lead generation and converting education
  • Published the only book of it’s kind, Lead Conversion Secrets, that peels back the curtain to exposure what lead companies wish you did not know
  • Became professional speakers
  • Now we help new and scaling real estate agents grow their online presence that will attract more of their dream clients so they can build a life they deserve. To date, we have successfully helped over 700 agents get to their next level.

Take Control Over Your Real Estate Business Once & For All By Eliminating The Guess Work With
Our Proven A2R METHOD

Who We Help

We help real estate agents and loan officers who want to speed up their learning curve or ready to scale to their next level.

Real Estate Agents

Let’s face some facts: Real estate school ONLY prepares an agent “just enough” to pass his/her test. Afterwards they are on their own. That’s why there’s a 85% failure rate in the real estate industry. We bridge that gap by getting rid of all the fluff and teaching agents what really works in order to get leads and more importantly convert them. Getting a lead, and converting them is an artform. We give you the brush, paint, and paint by number instructions that anyone can follow.

Loan Officers

In order to explode your pipeline with loan applications, you should be developing relationships with Real Estate Agents. But not just “any” agent, you want the top producers, right? Our process shows you have to STAND OUT from the crowd of other loan officers competing for their business by co-branding an easy to use platform that will, on an average, get your 20+ loan applications per week.

Brokers and Team Leaders

Learn how to attract the RIGHT types of agents with our rock-solid recruitment process and create mini ATM machines closing transactions for you every month. It’s one thing to “hand agents leads” and another to have a reliable, scalable systems in place that provides you predictable revenue.

How We Work

This is an elite program, we don’t accept everybody. You have to qualify to work with us, and it has nothing to do with your ability to afford our services. We’re looking for full time agents that understand that real estate is a business, not treating it like a hobby. Our basic qualifications are, but not limited to, agents that are coachable, understands ROI (return on your investment) and hungry. If you think you have what it takes, we invite you to hit the button to become a client.


We help you build a rock solid foundation that will position yourself as the obvious Real Estate Agents of choice in your market place through local and national exposure on local and national media outlets like NBC, ABC, CBS & FOX.


We teach you how to throw out the right bait to ATTRACT buyers and sellers to book themselves on your calendar every single day. Just wake up in the morning, look at your phone, and have conversations with people who are expecting your call.


We teach you our step-by-step process that we have perfected to CONVERT leads from the form to a closing table. Then we’ll teach you how to turn those closings into lifelong referral sources. Nobody is better than we are, as a matter of fact, we wrote the book on it.

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Just wanted to share a little MONDAY MOTIVATION. I did my first post last night and my phone has not stopped going. Just a few hours in and I have 43 subscribers, 4 booked telephone appointments and I've already sent 1 to my lender this morning. I'm a bot-liever!
MDA has has not only helped me get a ton of leads FAST but also how to convert them! I definitely recommend you make the investment.
I love MDA, it's one of the only programs that actually WORKS! I have so many leads and its a matter of follow up, follow up, follow up Dwayne also motivates you and helps you to learn how to convert these leads. It's an awesome program that I fully recommend and its the best one I have found! nNoAgentLellBehind MDA ROCKS!!!