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How Trisha Closed $250K in Sales After Working With Dan For Just Four Weeks

Are you struggling to bring your brick-and-mortar business into the online space?

When my client, Trisha, came to us, she was struggling to bring her coaching and consulting businesses online.

Trisha had built two successful businesses from the ground up, but when she decided she wanted to make the shift from brick and mortar to online business, she struggled to gain any traction.

For years she searched for the coaching and mentoring she needed to grow her online coaching and consulting business…

“For years and years, I signed up to so many programs and so many courses. And everyone said, sell this for $27, sell this for $37. I just couldn’t get my head around it, but I did it because that’s what sheep do. Everyone follows the sheep, and the sheep say, sell it for a cheap price.”

Fed up after years of struggling, Trisha was ready to walk away from her online business. But when she found our program, she discovered the reason she had struggled to gain traction online.

As a result of working with us for just four weeks, Trisha more than doubled her prices and closed $250K in sales! She found the clarity she needed to continue to pursue growing her business online!

My team member, Steph, recently sat down to talk with Trisha. If you’re interested in learning more about how Trisha was able to find clarity and gain traction in her online business, more than double her prices and close $250K in sales, you can check out her interview now.

In this video, Steph and Trisha will discuss:

  • How Dan’s coaching finally gave her the answers she had been searching for
  • What three things she gained from investing in Dan’s program
  • Why she was “blown away” by the quality and support of the community of like-minded entrepreneurs

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